The UCOPIA solutions bring a new dimension to wireless infrastructure by enhancing both the safety of the user and the organization while focusing on ease of use and administration. The customer experience is simple and user friendly, the user is immersed in the universe of the organization that hosts through a fully customizable portal. The administration is easy even in the case of complex networks with up to tens of thousands of users connected simultaneously. In addition, through data analysis and monetization solutions, UCOPIA solutions can transform the cost of wireless infrastructure to a revenue source.

The main UCOPIA products

Ucopia Express

The range UCOPIA Express provides a complete and easy to use solution for the small to medium sized businesses. UCOPIA Express is placed between a wireless access network (Wi-Fi) and the LAN of the organization. All flows to or from the user go through the UCOPIA Express to ensure security and improve user comfort. The platform UCOPIA Web Services makes it easy to analyze users data in order to better understand and create tailored marketing campaigns included for a specific user list.

Ucopia Advance

UCOPIA Advance is designed for complex network environments and offers redundancy and load balancing mechanism allowing thousands of users to connect simultaneously. The Advance range offers high-performance solutions for complex and large projects. The deployment of advanced UCOPIA features allows installation on site or in a data center (Cloud) private or public.

Ucopia Web Services

All UCOPIA customers using version 4.4 or higher will automatically receive a dashboard UWS basic Analytics available on the secure platform UCOPIA Web Services. An advanced analytical tool is also available for organizations seeking to exploit the tool in its entirety.


Some references ITS Ibelem-BLUESAFE for UCOPIA: