Software, services and tablets for schools

school interactivity tablets - schools ITS Ibelem advises many schools (private and public of all levels), universities and local authorities about their digital strategy. ITS Ibelem consultants can manage and implement all or part of tablet deployment projects in schools.

As such, they offer a comprehensive solution (software, devices, hardware and services) adapted to your specific imperatives and expectations.

They first examine teachers' needs, the intended and allowed uses of the tablet, the available expertise and the financial resources of the institution. For example, allowing the tablet to be used outside the institution has an impact on the settings to be deployed (wifi, restrictions, etc.) and the equipment chosen (shell model, number of replacement tablets etc.). 

Here are the different components of your overall solution :

Solutions to generate interactivity

These solutions make it possible to:

  • Share content: from the teacher's tablet to the students' tablet or from a student's tablet to those of the other students and the teacher,
  • Monitor student screens,
  • Use instant messaging,
  • Administer and view the results of a quiz in real time,

MDM / EMM solutions

MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions, also called EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) are indispensable for managing a fleet of tablets with ease.

They make it possible to:

  • Mass configure a fleet of tablets remotely:
    - Wifi access, proxy configuration, compliance rules, catalogue of authorized applications…
    - Web shortcuts - e.g. direct access to the digital work space
  • Manage applications 
  • Manage content (documents)
  • Remotely control tablets
  • Have an inventory updated in real time
  • Secure data

Our staff are able to advise you on the most suitable MDM / EMM solutions for your needs. Find out more

 Tablets and shells

Our different experiences in the world of education mean that we can advise you on the best choice of tablet for your institution given that the choice of tablet is based on the following three main criteria: 

  • Conditions of use
  • Needs in terms of administration
  • Available budget for the overall project

Wifi devices

Depending on your current infrastructure, it may be necessary to install wireless devices. Our staff will be able to fine-tune your needs.

Racks and chargers

The tablet can either be stored within your institution or be made fully available for students to use in lessons and at home. In the first case, you will have to provide racks to safely store and charge the tablets.


Depending on the technical resources you have, you may want to outsource all or part of the management of your project and sub-contract administration of the solutions. Our teams adapt the level of service offered to your imperatives and internal needs. Find out more about outsourced services

Your project may also require setting up a training programme for technical staff and / or teachers. Find out more about training courses