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Through lack of available skilled resources and / or to implement their projects as soon as possible, many companies or authorities ask us, in addition to deploying their fleet, to provide daily management of their mobility solutions (EMM / TEM) and daily user support.

MDM - Managed mobility services - mobility service centre

There are several reasons that companies opt for Managed Services:

Access to available expert skills

Outsourcing ensures availability of experienced staff to cover the many areas relating to mobility:EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), TEM (Telecom Expenses Management), infrastructure Wi-Fi, Mobile OS, interconnection of tools with the IS, secure network flows, applications and data…

These people know from experience how to avoid the many pitfalls; for example, anticipating the impacts of an OS update or an update of an EMM solution.

Freed from all imperatives as to resources, you can choose the most suitable solution for your context, no matter how technologically complex.

Simplified management of activity peaks

The teams in charge of your account are« calibrated » to cope with peaks of activity when a project starts and afterwards: implementing a new module, integrating a new application, a new OS, or new uses, for example.

Skill levels are tailored to the complexity of your project and its stage of completion. We provide you with all the skills available at ITS Ibelem:

  • a Mobility Technician for deployment of devices and applications
  • a Mobility Consultant or Expert Consultant for the design phase and integration of the solution
  • Account Manager for the daily administration of the solution  
  • Support Technician to provide user assistance
  • Technical Director and Operational Director for steering complex or major projects

These employees have permanent escalation means. Internally and externally (with publishers).

Time saving and responsiveness

The use of managed services enables you to deploy your project with « shorter » lead times. For example, we rolled out one of the first massive tablet deployment projects with embedded business applications (4000 dedicated staff in 1700 entities) in less than four months when at least 12 months would have been required with internalized management.

In addition, your employees and users save valuable time each day, since incident time to resolution is substantially reduced. With their experience gained on other projects, the many information sources and «escalating »opportunities available to them, our teams can quickly detect the cause of a malfunction, such as a latency problem, for example.

Renault project -

Proactive management of your solution

Our staff permanently monitor the market and are in permanent direct contact with all ecosystem stakeholders (businesses, publishers, manufacturers…) so as to advise you as to how you can scale your solution and your organization with confidence, thereby coming over as proactive with regard to business managers, users and senior management.

For more information on managed services, please specify your needs.


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