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ITS Ibelem, a partner of MobileIron, implements this EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)solution for its customers. 

ITS Ibelem's MobileIron-certified engineering and pre-sales staff will help you to define your project, examine the impact it will have on your architecture, scale your technology charter, implement the MobileIron solution and deliver all the local services you need, such as training, support in French and device deployment.

To get to know MobileIron, sign up for an online demo. We will answer your questions during this interactive web presentation. 

The main features of MobileIron

MobileIron publishes Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that give IT managers extensive control of security and the use of mobile devices and enterprise data stored or in transit through such equipment.

MobileIron VSP 

MobileIron VSP is a suite of solutions for controlling and managing iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows mobile devices. MobileIron VSP provides real-time information on the activity and applications installed.

By securing smartphones and tablets hosting or relaying corporate data, by making it possible to control the costs of voice, sms and data consumption, the MobileIron VSP solution ensures control of a heterogeneous fleet with disparate user profiles while improving user experience.

Advanced Mobile Device Management (MDM and MAM)

The complete offer of MobileIron features for managing mobile devices in companies:

  • management of a heterogeneous fleet (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows)
  • centralized management via a web console
  • Remote configuration of mobile equipment
  • Data encryption policy
  • securing sensitive components (camera, SD card, Bluetooth, wifi)
  • remote locking of the device
  • application inventory, deployment and security
  • selective remote data deletion
  • private data segmentation policy
  • ActiveSync integration
  • real-time consumption alert
  • geolocation of lost or stolen mobile devices

The solution can be deployed as a virtual appliance in a VM on VMware ESX or hardware appliance.

MobileIron Sentry

MobileIron Sentry provides a control solution for access to messaging. MobileIron Sentry connects to platforms supporting ActiveSync such as Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, Google Gmail and Microsoft 365.

The solution can be deployed as a virtual appliance in a VM on VMware ESX or hardware appliance in standalone mode.


Working in conjunction with MobileIron VPS and Sentry, MyPhone @ Work is the MobileIron business services portal for end users, accessible via a web browser or as an application installed on the smartphone. MobileIron MyPhone @ Work allows employees to save their smartphone or tablet, monitor their consumption, access the company's App Store,locate a lost or stolen mobile device to block it and delete data from the device remotely.

MobileIron Mobile Activity Intelligence

MobileIron's Mobile Activity Intelligence solution gives visibility into real-time uses of smartphones to cut costs related to voice, sms and data consumption, warning users of uncontrolled overruns especially when using 3G roaming.

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