Designing wireless infrastructure


conseil étude mobile device management mobilité Beyond the site survey or the implementation of your Wi-Fi solution, ITS Ibelem-BlueSafe architects are involved in the conception phase / technical design of your infrastructure.

They assist you in your design or blueprint approach. From their large experience in designing and deploying significant mobility projects, they bring you functional and proven technical solutions as well as all financial elements to draw up your investment budgets.

Topics covered are vast

  • Connectivity and services posted by your Wi-Fi infrastructure for each of your sites according to their needs: office WLAN, private or public hotspot, VoWLAN and location ...
  • Global network infrastructure and security necessary for their implementation
  • Network and security technologies recommendations for terminals fleets
  • Management platform of the entire solution (devices and infrastructure)

Our architects support you during the integration / deployment of your infrastructure period. Learn more...