VMware AirWatch

ITS Ibelem, an Elite Partner of AirWatch, has implemented this solution for Mobile Device Management with major players in the automotive, defence and luxury goods industries and in distribution in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

For example, ITS Ibelem manages AirWatch solutions on behalf of 1700 Renault entities. Read the press release...

ITS Ibelem engineering and pre-sales staff help you to define your project, consider the impact on your architecture, scale your technology charter, implement the chosen solution and deliver all the local services you may need: integration, training, support in French, deploying devices, etc.

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The main features of Airwatch

The AirWatch solution is among the Leaders of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management.This complete solution enables you to secure your fleet of devices, administer applications and manage content. It consists of 5 main modules:


VMware AirWatch® Container™ provides complete separation of corporate and personal data on devices, securing corporate resources and maintaining employee privacy. AirWatch enables organizations to standardize enterprise security and data loss prevention strategies across mobile devices through our flexible approach to containerization.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)


VMware AirWatch® Mobile Device Management™ enables you to gain visibility into the devices – including smartphones, tablets and laptops – connecting to your enterprise network, content and resources. Quickly enroll devices in your enterprise environment, update device settings over-the-air, and enforce security policies and compliance across your entire device fleet.

Mobile Email Management (MEM)

VMware AirWatch® Mobile Email Management™ delivers comprehensive security for your corporate email infrastructure. With AirWatch, you can control which mobile devices access email, prevent data loss, encrypt sensitive data and enforce advanced compliance policies. Containerize email and provide a consistent user experience with VMware AirWatch® Inbox, a secure email client.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

VMware AirWatch® Mobile Application Management™ enables you to manage internal, public and purchased apps across devices enrolled in your organization. Distribute, update, track and recommend apps with VMware AirWatch® Catalog™. Build custom business apps with the VMware AirWatch® Software Development Kit™ or by following AirWatch-sponsored ACE documentation, or wrap existing internal apps for advanced security with VMware AirWatch® App Wrapping™.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

VMware AirWatch® Mobile Content Management™ secures document distribution and promotes content collaboration anytime, anywhere with VMware AirWatch® Content Locker™. Access your corporate content in a secure container with advanced data loss prevention policies. Promote collaboration with editing, annotation and commenting capabilities for shared files.


Some ITS Ibelem customer references for the AirWatch solution:


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