Wi-Fi Training - administrator, safety committee

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Whether you plan to proceed with deployment of your Wi-Fi network, whether you deployed your infrastructure, a new solution or migrated your product ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe teams assist you to respect the legal framework, improve efficiency and autonomy using your tools and / or handle the new features.

ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe train your staff on all aspects related to Wi-Fi: solutions used, legal aspects and technology.

Theoretical training: technology, legal aspects

These courses address the following themes :

  • Radio issues : designing a multi-cell radio coverage, audit and interference identification
  • Health issues to check the compliance of Wi-Fi network to legislation. Improperly set terminals, poorly studied network, obsolete or unsuitable material, can for example, result in exceeding the power EIRP * fixed by law,
  • Good WiFi practices : reflexes to develop, Wi-Fi standards, legal framework ...

Example of theoretical training provided: the challenges of radio waves in the company (intended for safety and working conditions committee), understand and control all issues of wireless networks on standards, security and radio.

Training on deployed solutions

We also train your employees so that they can ensure themselves the maintenance in operational condition of the delivered product. Training complete the skill transfers provided during an integration project.

Example of themes developed: secure 802.11 wireless networks, HP Aruba authentication servers, Cisco ISE ...


(*) :Effective Isotropic Radiated Power