Training for smartphone and tablet Users


The use of smartphones and tablets is considered, sometimes wrongly, as being intuitive. To facilitate handling of these new tools, many IT managers call on ITS Ibelem to provide training for users.


These courses can be rolled out individually or in groups. The content and duration of training are adapted to the types of participants and the company's needs.

Here are the main points addressed in these courses:

  • General hands-on and discovering the notification centre,
  • Sending e-mails,
  • Adding contacts,
  • Customizing: PIN, ringer, greeting,
  • Presenting the different applications available,
  • Customizing the home screen,
  • GPS function, SD card.

The module may include manipulations and settings, such as, for example, copying SIM cards, configuring messaging (authentication on the company's email server, selecting folders to be synchronized, email shelf life, setting up signatures, etc.).

In addition, ITS Ibelem staff can, if you so request, address any questions about the package (voice / data) and deliver tips and tricks to save battery life, for example.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can draw up a customized training plan.