One-stop Telecom provider


one-stop telecom provider - delegating telecom processing- TEM In addition to its IT services, ITS Ibelem offers fully delegated relations with your operator(s) via an account manager who will be your dedicated contact.

The One-stop service interfaces with your operator(s). It hanldes the administrative and commercial aspect of your orders and, depending on the level of service selected, can provide reporting that allows you to optimally control your fleet (mobile telecom assets and services and data).


In association with a TEM (Telecom Expenses Management) solution, administration of which is delegated, this frees you from all administrative tasks and provides you with management tools to help you optimize your telecom budget.

This is what is covered by One-stop service

  • Delivery tracking
  • Receiving and processing orders (hardware and subscriptions)
  • Sales support
  • Flow management in compliance with framework agreements or operator negotiations:
    • terminations
    • line transfer
    • subscription changes, enabling/disabling options
  • Billing management
  • Claims management 
  • After-sales interface
  • Advice on operator offeri(s), drawing up and updating the catalogue
  • Processing requests for information

 Note: the One-stop service may mean delegating employees on or off the client site.

 For more information on our One-stop service, please specify your needs.

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