TEM Softwares

TEM (Telecom Expenses Management) softwares provide you with a perfect view of your assets, of mobile telecom packages and services, and data. You have tools that allow you not only to validate the conformity between expenditure use, but also to control your fleet so as to optimize your telecom budget.

TEM - telecom expenses management - control telecom expenses - telecom budget

 ITS Ibelem offers two operating modes for TEM:

  • internalized management: help with the choice of software and provision of software to the customer (in SaaS mode) for fully autonomous use,
  • outsourced management: with this option, ITS Ibelem takes on the whole of the client project:
    • definition of requirements and implementation of processes, operating mode, reporting tools and customized management, etc.
    • software administration on behalf of clients and management of different flows
    • information analysis and reports to the client company with relevant recommendations


A reminder of the main features of the TEM softwares

TEM softwares combine all the order information (devices, packages, etc.), operators billing (voice, data, etc.) and inventories (assigning devices to users).

This information is embedded in the software and is consolidated to allow you to benefit from:

Inventoryies updated in real time

You get a micro and macro view from all angles:

  • Devices
  • Lines
  • Users
  • Sites

So you can check that your fleet is "rationalised" (lines and devices really assigned, for example).

Detailed analyses & reports

Upstream you define the type of reports that are useful and have the choice of:

  • Pre-formatted reports
  • Customized Reports

You can perform consistency checks, for example, between operator billing, orders and conditions negotiated. This way you are sure to pay the right price. This consistency check generally makes it possible to make significant savings on operator billing.

You can also monitor consumption, which lets you detect any misuse and any lines that are not being used. This means that you can implement the necessary corrective action.

Telecom management tools

Dashboards can be shared with all relevant people to simplify things for them and optimize the telecom budget as a whole:

  • Financial reports can be sent to colleagues or department heads to keep them informed
  • Dashboards sent to management accountants for cost breakdown.
  • Decision-making graphs including internal call rates, international calls, etc.

All these allow you to review your internal policy and, possibly renegotiate your agreements with operators.

Additional services
TEM-related services may be complemented by other services that free you from the technical and administrative management of the mobility project as a whole:
  • Delegation of the operator relationship to a special account manager: find out more about the one-stop telecom service...
  • Deployment of devices and applications, daily administration of EMM solutions, daily user support: find out more about managed services applied to mobility.