Area of activity - Tablet projects in education



ITS Ibelem advises many schools (private and public of all levels), universities and local authorities about their digital strategy and pilots their tablet deployment project.

Every education project is unique. This is why we develop customized proposals based on the specific needs and expectations of schools or local authorities that call on us.


As such, we work on some or all of the phases below:

Designing and managing Education projects

  • Collecting and summarizing needs: teachers and administration…
  • Recommending the overall solution: tablets, equipment, software, hardware, infrastructure *
  • Proposing processes and operating methods for the project
  • Proposing a suitable financing solution
  • Testing and validating recommended solutions


ITS Ibelem Expert Opinion:
Tablet deployment projects in schools - Four areas to focus on, readmore

Equipment for teachers and pupils

  • Implementing solutions: MDM (Mobile Device Management), interactivity generation software, wifi devices…
  • Managing supply and logistics: tablets, racks, covers…
  • Preparing equipment**
  • Delivering and installing equipment
  • Writing custom user guides

Help for teachers and IT resources at start-up

  • Teacher training: 
    - Becoming familiar with the tablet and the solutions,
    - use in class and by discipline
  • Training for IT administrators in the solutions deployed
  • Assistance with start-up for teachers and IT resources

Support in daily management

  • Administration and maintenance of solutions in operational conditions
  • Updating tablets, e.g. deploying a new application
  • Management of flows and events: theft, back to school…

(*): tablets, equipment, hardware, infrastructure (wifi, MDM, interactivity management…) and services (administration, support, training…)

(**): MDM deployment, tablet configuration (security, connectivity, applications…)