Recommending and testing mobility solutions

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Beyond security and technological aspects, the integration of mobile devices has HR, legal and financial impacts. In this context, it is recommended to adopt a change management approach and get help from an experienced partner.


ITS Ibelem staff help you make the right trade-offs and give you information, advice and guidance to deploy the comprehensive solution (devices, software and services) to meet your specific context in the long term.

Advice and recommendation for an appropriate global solution

After the expression of needs, our consultants will be able to offer you one or more software programmes and services to meet your specific needs. To confirm their choice, some customers also ask us to perform comparative studies of solutions short-listed beforehand.

With their experience (470 mobility projects undertaken over the last two years), our consultants provide personalized advice and independently recommend the best solutions (devices, software and services) depending on your context.

Support for software testing

Once the software has been chosen, our pre-sales and support staff will help you to set up POC (« proof of concept »): discovering the platform, creating administrator accounts or user profiles and deployment of the first devices.… In addition, our staff will answer all your questions during the testing phase.

POC must be performed with diligence and over comfortable time periods. It allows you to test all the features: applications, devices, deployment profiles…. It also helps to enrich the list of prerequisites, discover new opportunities and also validate the processes related to deployment and the life phase.





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