PushManager, the French reference for Enterprise Mobility Management solutions (or Mobile Device Management) allows you to easily manage mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops), applications and content.

This solution, which combines a wealth of features, scalability and ease of use, has for more than four years been equipping many Institutions in the Private Public and Education sectors, consult the references.

  • The solution is available in SaaS mode and on-premise mode (installation on customer site),
  • PushManager platform can be securely accessed via Internet access.


PushManager allows you not only to configure a heterogeneous fleet of smartphones, tablets and laptops remotely and in bulk, but also tointervene remotely at any time on a device or group of users, to have comprehensive, detailed inventories of the fleet and reports.

You will very easily be able to make messaging and network access settings (VPN, WiFi, APN, certificates and proxy). You can set separate rules by user group (depending on level of responsibility and activity) and/or depending on the device type (personal or not).

NB: PushManager is compatible with the DEP (Device Enrollment Program - Apple), a program that helps businesses and schools to easily deploy and configure iOS devices. This program which greatly simplifies the enrollment of devices for users and administrators console also makes it possible to manage in "monitored" mode. This means that a user can not delete the profile (access restrictions ...) that you have assigned.



You can create and deploy a catalogue of applications by user group that can include:

  • recommended public applications available from stores such as AppStore and Google Play.
  • enterprise applications: CRM, intervention management …

You can define a list of authorized applications (whitelist) or a list of prohibited applications (blacklist) and/or a list of required applications.

You can also set up restrictions including:

  • complete ban on the use of the applications available in the App Store or native applications (e.g. Safari, You Tube, SIRI…),
  • restrict access only to internal applications from the company's application catalogue,
  • lock the device onto a single application.

You can also check that the recommended applications have been installed by the user. At any time, you can view the complete list of all applications installed by your employees and / or trigger automatic actions if any prohibited applications have been installed if you so wish.


PushManager also supports Apple VPP. You can order public applications in bulk and automatically distribute download codes to your employees.


Your employees can access to your documents via PushManager. For this, your documents simply have to be accessible from the internet and you can copy the url (s) of the document (s) in the PushManager console

You can make changes or updates to your documents without changing the url. Simply assign a new version number to your documents in the console and your employees will access the new version.

To ensure safety of the highest level for our French customers in SaaS mode, MCM module servers and those of the PushManager platform are hosted in a French datacentre (ITS Integra).


The PushManager Enterprise Mobility Management solution allows you to easily administer the personal devices of employees or pupils, by:

  • accessing a complete interface to easily manage mixed fleets,
  • separating security policies depending on the device type (personal or not).

If you want to establish a clear split between personal and professional universes, PushManger also allows you to set up a container.

PushManager is a multi-OS solution (iOS, Android…). The editor works closely with various manufacturers to develop its solution.

PushManager is a member of the « Samsung Entreprise Alliance Program ». This accreditation means that is can develop advanced features on Samsung devices.


For detailed features according to OS, please sign up for a product demonstration.


Some PushManager references

Private & Education Sector

 Public & Education Sector

  • many government organizations and agencies :
    CNED, INA, Opéra de Paris, Vendée Habitat, Imprimerie Nationale, etc.
  • towns:
    Cormeilles en Parisis, du Chesnay, Fontenay-sous-Bois, Orange, Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Quentin, etc.
  • Regional & General Councils :
    Poitou-Charentes and Lorraine Regional Councils, and General Councils in the following French départements: Calvados, Charente, Côte d'Or, Loiret, Vendée, Val de Marne, Val d'Oise, etc.

(*): If you're not available on these dates, please contact us to arrange a presentation at your convenience.