EMM - Wi-Fi Administrator & User support

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ITS Ibelem provides all the support services (limited and daily) allowing your administrators, the helpdesk teams and the users to be quickly operational and to optimize their time.

These services cover the following components: EMM, devices and Wi-Fi.

Administrators Support EMM, Wi-Fi & Helpdesk

Our staff trains your IT teams and offers daily assistance :

> On all the following EMM solutions:

> On all the following Wi-Fi solutions :


This support can be provided on a solution installed by ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe, by another service provider or directly from the publisher. It can replace or supplement the assistance that you already benefit in the case, for example, where your contacts are not French speaking.

Expertise Area

Our teams answer daily to all your questions to detect the cause of a malfunction or downturn :

  • MDM/ EMM server, authentication
  • MDM and Wi-Fi components directly installed in your infrastructure or in SaaS mode (dédicated or not)
  • Validation of devices connectivity
  • Connectors between MDM/ Wi-Fi components and your infrastructure*
  • Specific software related to the MDM solution installed on devices and client's business applications*
  • Wi-Fi homepage Portal
  • Nms solutions

    (*) : depending on the type of your contract


Multi-channel support

 You have several ways to contact our Support Team.

- EMM Solutions (L2 & L3) :

  • Unlimited access to the Support, 5/7 days from 8:30 a.m to 18:30 p.m or 24/24 & 7J/7*
  • Assignment of a "Technical Account Manager"**
  • By phone or e-mail (support@itsibelem.com)
  • Access to an extranet including news, an FAQ...
  • 2 languages: French and English
  • Permanent escalation possibility with the engineering team or editor assistance (L3)

(*) : except holidays for 5J/7 - depending on the type of your contract
(**) : in option

- Wi-Fi Solutions (L2 & L3) :

  • Unlimited access to the Support, 5d/7 de 9 a.m to 18 p.m
  • By phone or e-mail (support@bluesafe.com)
  • Access to an extranet


NB : if remote assistance is not possible, our engineers can work on your site.

A customized offer & commitments

There are 3 forms of support for EMM solutions (Access, Essential & Elite) and a unique formula to cover the Wi-Fi needs.

These formulas are adapted to your needs in terms of :

  • Support opening hours 
  • Desired period of consideration and troubleshooting
  • Your infrastructure complexity

Moreover, support teams provide, upon request, reportings related to your use of ITS Ibelem EMM support .


Advantages of ITS Ibelem support

  • Over 15 years experience in assisting IT administrators on their mobility solutions and Wi-Fi
  • Assistance provided in French & English by our teams located in France
  • 3 formulas to meet the specific needs of each company
  • Clear commitments to meet your requirements and those of the users

User Assistance

In addition to the administrator support, our teams can handle the daily user support. Furthermore, we also offer user training to get familiar with their devices. Read More...