Management and cost control


guichet unique télécoms - délégation traitement télécoms - TEM In addition to TEM solutions (Telecoms Expense Management) that we can deploy and manage for your account, our teams can assist you in analyzing and controling your telecom account. They make you all the necessary recommendations to optimize your budgets.


Here is the scope covered under our performance management and optimization of your telecom expenses :

Based on data from a TEM solution, our team managed services will perform all the following actions :

  • Telecom costs consolidation and spliting by usage
  • Costs reporting and contol
  • For compliance offers and services operators to customers needs and optimization uses
  • User awareness to telecoms costs: good practice IT charter, users reporting, usage recommendations...
  • Optimization and renegotiation of contracts
  • Identification of billing anomalies
  • Realization of monitoring committees


Our telecom experts develop recommendations whose axes focus on 3 main following areas  :

  • price optimization by assessing needs according to user profiles: voice / international data, unlimited formulas ...
  • suggestion and promoting new solutions to reduce costs
  • strict control of user practices: identification and analysis of the most relevant uptakes.

For more information about this service, thank you specify your needs.

In addition to this service, our team can also manage your entire relationship with operators as part of a so-called delivery one stop telecom provider.


Optimize your telecom budget with TEM solutions 

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