Managed Services EMM, TEM, Wi-Fi


The use issued by ITS Ibelem Managed Services helps maintain your solutions in operational conditions by providing supervision, operation and ongoing administration.


Our managed services offering covers both EMM and TEM solutions and supervision of your wireless infrastructure. Use of these services allows you especially to deliver optimal quality of service to your employees and customers by improving processing time and those of troubleshooting. Learn more about the advantages of managed services...


Managed Services EMM - Enterprise Mobility Management

Our teams can administer your EMM console for you. They perform well all tasks related to usual management.

Here are some examples of actions that fall within their scope :

  • Adding / removing devices
  • Add / remove / update applications
  • Assigning security policies
  • Assignment of configuration profiles
  • Remote management of security actions: data erasure, locking devicel, change password ...
  • Updating applications deployed on devices, adding additional applications
  • Update configuration profiles, update users, policies
  • Management of Application Catalog
  • Reporting actions: park inventory of enrolled devices, OS versions and applications audits, many jailbroken devices ...


Managed Services TEM - Telecom Expense Management

Thanks to TEM solutions, you have tools to help you validate compliance expenditures and uses of your telecom park and management tools to optimize your telecom budget.

You can entrust us with the daily administration of your TEM console. Our teams are responsible for your account, to integrate all events / flows related to users, lines (consumption) and equipment.

You benefit from inventory updates and overviews of your real-time updated park :

  • Employee management : This view provides a complete vision of all information about the employee (site, equipment, lines, etc.)
  • Equipment management: mobile device management actions can be performed on two levels at the terminal or at the SIM card level. Both views allow for a complete vision of all informations about the device (IMEI, no line, no SIM card, brand and pattern, incidents, service contracts, PIN and PUK codes, operator ...)
  • Management lines: packages, options data consumption abroad ...


The managed services ITS Ibelem team records on your behalf, the daily processing, for example: adding a collaborator, deleting a subscription option, reassignment of a terminal ...
Beyond these actions, our collaborators can assist you on the management and control of your telecom costs through our services one-stop telecom provider, management and cost control, provision and financing


Wi-Fi managed Services - supervision of wireless infrastructure

Our collaborators monitor the quality of service and security of your sensitive Wi-Fi networks, ensuring the proper functioning of your Wi-Fi networks.

They check in real time the proper working of the components of the network architecture and security through nms tools (network management system) that connect remotely on all equipment. They visualize real-time network status and can respond quickly to warnings received.


The advanced supervision remotely wireless networks platforms can check the status of a single network, multi-site and multi-vendor (HP Aruba Networks, Cisco ...). Their deployment is fast and does not require expert intervention on your sites.


Many escalation opportunities & commitments :
  • Managed services teams have hands in current operations and for a first diagnosis. Then, they can scale, as needed, the type of services subscribed and expected process : internally with ITS Ibelem media consultants or, with your internal teams, directly from publishers.
  • Our managed services offers  include liabilities expected by our customers, for example in terms of SLA, processing time ...