MaaS360 - IBM

IBELEM's MaaS360-certified engineering and pre-sales staff will help you to define your project, examine the impact it will have on your architecture, scale your technology charter, implement the MaaS360 solution and deliver all the local services you need, such as training, support in French and device deployment.

To get to know MaaS360, sign up for an online demo. We will answer your questions during this interactive web presentation.


The main features of Maas360

MDM - Mobile Device Management

MaaS360 simplifies MDM with rapid deployment, and comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications, and documents. MaaS360 supports all devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire.

MEG - Mobile Enterprise Gateway 

With MaaS360 Mobile Enterprise Gateway, your organization can have simple, secure access to behind-the-firewall business resources, such as SharePoint, Windows File Share content, Intranet sites and app data, without requiring changes to your network, firewall security configuration or device VPN.

Secure Productivity Suite

> MaaS360 Secure Mail

An intuitive office productivity app with email, calendar and contacts:

  • Controls emails and attachments to prevent data leakage
  • Conducts online and offline compliance checks prior to accessing email
  • Includes FIPS 140-2 compliant, AES-256 encryption for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Restricts forwarding, moving to other applications, and screen captures
  • Provides authentication, cut and paste restrictions, and view-only mode
  • Allows users to store attachments and send documents

> MaaS360 Mobile Application Security

A mobile application container with full operational and security management to protect against data leaks:

  • Available as an easy-to-use app wrapper or SDK for integration
  • Enables authentication and device compliance checks
  • Provides data protection such as blocking cut, copy and paste, and limiting backups
  • Delivers real-time alerting of compliance violations and automated enforcement actions
  • App-level tunneling for secure access to corporate data without needing a device VPN

> MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing

MaaS360 empowers your users by giving them access to business documents on mobile devices while providing total manageability and control in a secure, encrypted container.

> MaaS360 Secure Browser

A fully-functional web browser for iOS and Android devices to enable secure access to corporate intranet sites and enforce compliance of security and HR policies:

  • Allow access to corporate intranet sites and network without device VPN
  • Mobilize SharePoint, JIRA, internal Wikis, legacy ERP systems and more
  • Define URL filters and security policies based on categories
  • Block known malicious websites using a scanning engine and reputation database
  • Detailed reporting of policy violations with audit trail of blocked domains accessed
  • Restrict cookies, downloads, copy, paste, and print features to prevent data leaks
  • Disable native and third-party web browsers through app policy or blacklisting