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Laptops Connection Manager

Multi-access & multi-operator - Can be remotely deployed and managed

Nomadio can easily and safely manage your employees' remote PC connections from your information system or on the internet.
Multi-access (LAN, Wifi, 3G, 4G, Smartphones in hotspot mode…) and multi-operator (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free), Nomadio can be remotely deployed (remote installation possible) and remotely managed (remote updates). This software allows you to automatically and clearly control internet connections and VPN and provide enhanced security for the user's workstation.

Nomadio appeals to:

  • Administrators for its multiple features. Beyond the security and economic aspects, IT managers have a centralized administration platform for all users. Deployment is simplified, and software updates are automatic…
  • Employees for ease of use. The intuitive interface is intended for non-IT professionals. In one click, the user is connected with the least expensive mode using an intuitive interface.

Combining ease of use and multiple features, Nomadio has attracted many groups in banking, insurance and services.

Detailed features

Ease of use for employees

  • A single interface for connecting to the Internet and the VPN.
  • One-click connection: Nomadio automatically detects and offers the best connection mode among those available, choosing the most economical,
  • Support for public, private, and operators hotspots

Enhanced laptop and data security

  • Comprehensive, clear management of your VPN client from the main ones in the market (Cisco, Nortel, Checkpoint, Juniper SSL, PPTP, etc.) 
  • Strong authentication via In-Webo,
  • Implementation of your security policy:
    • Control of unauthorized connections: during a connection, all other connections are prohibited,
    • Possibility of enabling/disabling network interfaces,
    • Management of proxies.

Simplified administration & reduced costs

  • The solution can be installed on the remote user station,
  • Remotely trigger the updates (e.g. software, configuration settings…),
  • Connection time can be limited or an alert can be triggered to control data consumption in roaming mode.
  • Collection of Detailed connection log: configuration of stations deployed, connection logs, statistics on usage of the solution,
  • Change of operator in two clicks,
  • The graphical interface and user messages can be customized without working on users' workstations.

The 3 major benefits

  • Secure connections and user station,
  • Simplified support and administration,
  • Reduced fleet management costs and control of data consumption.