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Our consultants, trained and certified by editors, implement daily within large groups, all solutions referred in the catalog.

They install solutions within your SI (Dedicated or SaaS * mode) then support you in providing all the services that will be helpful.

ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe engineers support the full integration of your Wi-Fi networks 802.11ac, 802.11n and 802.11a / bg. They implement the Wi-Fi components in your environment, in compliance with your security policy and the expected quality standards. They integrate your directories, PKI and supervision platforms to all technologies on the catalog :

An experienced project methodology

Our project managers are responsible for the success of the project and ensure compliance with the methodology in all stages : 

  • Project management
  • Architecture Specifications
  • Defining Security Policy
  • Integration of technical components of the solution : wireless terminals, wireless mobility controller, nms, authentication server, authentication portal for guests
  • Recette : VSR - operational health check ,VABF - operational acceptance test (qualification)

A complete management of your project

ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe lets you benefit from its experience in project management on national and international deployment projects. We ensure all design tasks, steering and coordinating with local stakeholders for each site to deploy (IT managers, installers, maintenance). We guarantee the implementation of the standards of your company in terms of Wi-Fi architecture, while respecting security policy and quality of service.


Moreover, we can manage your solutions and monitoring your Wi-Fi infrastructure remotly, to ensure the operational availability. Learn more about Managed Services...

(*) : dedicated mode : on your site - SaaS mode : hosting in a secure external environment.