HP Aruba

                                             HP Aruba LogoAs a Certified Platinum Partner HP Aruba in the wireless technologies and advanced level ClearPass, ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe assists you in designing a network in line with the specific needs of your business.

With its expertise and the wide range of products offered by HP Aruba, ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe is able to provide a customized service adapted to each type of project so that all your employees benefit from a reliable Wi-Fi, while reducing downtime and IT costs and improving security as the company is growing.

HP Aruba main products

Access points (APs)

Based on standards 802.11ac and 802.11n, HP Aruba access points offer outstanding wireless performance. They can be deployed as controller-managed or controllerless instant access points depending on the design, scope and scale of your network. In addition, access points Wave 2 are equipped with the ClientMatch multiuser technology MIMO compatible to improve network efficiency and to support the increasing demand for the important number of devices on the network.

Mobility Controllers

HP Aruba mobility controllers optimize the deployment of access points and enable you to manage a large-scale of networks within large campuses or multiple sitesThey provide policy controls, IP services and network engineering, while simplifying the integration of security and enterprise applications platforms.

Aruba Instant range

The HP Aruba Instant range allows, on the deployment of small structures, to dispense with a Mobility Controller. This range embark directly on the Wi-Fi access points, a virtual mobility controller with simplified features of a mobility controller.


With AirWave, you can manage your wireless networks in a centralized way. IT features include the management of user location and mapping functions, real-time monitoring and logging proactive alerts, historical reporting and operating actions.


ClearPass Policy Manager is an authentication server. It offers AAA services (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) with ultra-scalable RADIUS and TACACS +services and a policy engine that leverages contextual databased on user roledevice types, use of the application and location. ClearPass offers a new approach to deal with the problemsrelated to mobility in any multivendor network by replacing the traditional and outdated legacy AAA services with context-aware policies. Besides, ClearPass changes and adapts to your changing needs at the enterprise, security and user level.

ClearPass also has modules for:

  •  Visitors management (Guests module)
  •  Auto-configuration of Wi-Fi profile by the user himself, simply and securely (Onboard module)
  •  Compliance analysis on user terminals before the access authorization (Onguard module)


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