Methodology - Education Tablet Project

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ITS Ibelem advises many schools (private and public of all levels), universities and local authorities about their digital strategy and pilots their tablet deployment project.


In order to best meet your specific needs and to ensure a high level of service quality, we have a methodology for Education projects which is based on 5 pillars:

Impartial approach and proposals

We choose the solutions (hardware and software) to meet your specific needs from all those available on the market. 

Customized proposal

Our recommendations are based on an examination of the needs and imperatives of your institution. We adapt the level of service and choose the most suitable products for your specifications and budget.


ITS Ibelem Expert Opinion:
Tablet deployment projects in schools - Four areas to focus on, readmore

Creating a bipartite steering and monitoring committee  

The committee, on which the success of your project depends, brings together representatives of your institution and an ITS Ibelem consultant leading the project in both the initial phase of needs collection and in everyday life.

Tests in real conditions 

We will assist you in this phase that is used to validate the solutions, refine the level of service to be provided and the processes to be implemented.

Written procedures and guides

The deliverables help people to become familiar with the solution more quickly and help those institutions that so wish to manage it independently.