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With an experience of 13 years in consulting and integration of mobility solutions in companies, ITS Ibelem have been for 3 years advising many schools (private and public, and all levels), universities and local authorities on their digital strategy.

Our teams manage and deploy their tablets deployment projects from the initial thinking stage to the point where they are adopted by teachers and pupils.


The French State education system and tablets

The number of tablets deployed in schools has increased more than fivefold in one year.

From experimental projects including a few tablets, schools and local authorities have in recent months moved to massive, widespread deployments that need to be accompanied by experts.

ITS Ibelem in education

We invite you to take a more detailed look at the help that ITS Ibelem provides for schools and, more generally, its activities in the world of education:

In addition, if you are at the stage of thinking about these issues, we suggest you read the Expert Opinion that we have published. You will discover the essential points that need thinking about in order to set up a lasting comprehensive solution for your institution or region.



ITS Ibelem Expert Opinion:
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