Deployment of smartphones and tablets & mobile applications


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When equipping your employees with mobile devices or renewing your fleet, ITS Ibelem will help you by providing a turnkey solution or simply by working on a part of your project, for example the deployment of smartphones or tablets.

If deploying devices provided by ITS Ibelem, these are delivered "ready to use" to users together with a customized quick start guide. Depending on your budget, our teams also travel on site to have your employees make settings themselves in small groups.

Our experts are used to managing deployment projects on behalf of CAC 40 companies, for SMIs and SMEs, and public institutions such as schools and town halls.

Types of device settings made

  • Assigning devices
  • Enabling devices
  • Downloading the MDM / EMM client
  • Recovering contact lists
  • Device enrolment phase
    - Messaging setup...
    - Deploying the network configuration profile (VPN, WIFI...)
    - Deploying internal or public applications

Customer case - complex deployment at Renault

4000 iPad tablets - 1700 Sales outlets - 23 countries - 250 user profiles

renault.jpg ITS Ibelem deployed on its site more than 4,000 iPads for Renault. Device security logistics and setting : management of 250 different profiles - different rights depending on the country and the type of entity (corporate, point of sale etc.) - Installing and securing 3 compulsory internal applications - Management of updates - Installing and outsourcing an EMM solution - Support N3. More details...