Business Guest Manager (BGM)

BGM or Business Guest Manager is a solution to manage your Wi-Fi visitors access with ease and security. Many groups are equipped with BGM today. Its success is mainly due to its ease of use and pricing (affordable rates based on a very simple method of calculation).

Customized hotspot proposed by BGM can offer simple and user friendly access to internet tailored to professional requirements of your guests. It is compatible with all Wi-Fi network technologies and LAN.

The BGM solution provides a choice of scenarios adapted to the kind of public addressed. The scenarios are differentiated to meet the 2 main types of hotspots :

  • Private hotspot: to allow guests known from a company or to employees to connect to Internet from their personal devices (BYOD approach or "Bring Your Own Device"),
  • Public hotspot: to offer an internet connection in public areas (e.i for customers of a store, event etc).

Key features and functionalities of BGM :

Guest accounts creation

Auto-registration, interactive station, hostess, Web API, connector access to badges gateways (eg Safeware Telemaque)

Delivery accounts

SMS, mail, web, impression


Secure Web Portal allowing to key in while maintaining the session :
- temporary or permanent login account
- a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Viadeo account

Legal traceability and archiving

Saving tracking logs to comply with national legislation

Integration with third party component

Radius, LDAP, CRM, Wi-Fi geolocation, e-commerce platform, social network…

Supported devices   

All devices equipped with WiFi and a browser (keeping authenticated session in case of standby or out of Wi-Fi coverage)

Supported infrastructure

Avaya, Aerohive, Aruba Networks, Alcatel, Bluesocket, Cisco, Dlink, Entherasys, HP, Juniper Trapeze, Meru, Motorola, Ruckus…


from 1 to 500

Safety and legal traceability

Guest accounts management proposed by BGM enables use of secure and private hotspot, intended only for guests who will previously have a valid temporary identifier or a social networking account. Guest Authentication enables especially to collect and archive the activity of guests within the hotspot.


Some BGM references :