Fluke Networks Airmagnet

By combining Fluke Networks radio measurement solutions and ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe teams expertise on radio technology, you get an overall solution.

Ensuring the stability of radio coverage in a building is essential to ensure good quality of service to its users. Indeed, by ensuring a correct level of signal in all areas of the building, you allow your staff to move within the company without any issues. The Fluke Networks AirMagnet solution allows you to deliver site survey (on a map or in situ) as well as coverage validation.

To be effective, these processes must integrate the main specificity of Wi-Fi networks: Radio.
 fluke network


Fluke AirMagnet Enterprise technology enables to scan real-time radio coverage, quality of service (QOS) and security of Wi-Fi networks of the company. The solution allows the use of radio probes dedicated to the temporarily or permanently monitoring,  of all sites where the use of Wi-Fi is sensitive (head office, factory, agencies etc.). The Fluke Networks AirMagnet tool can collect, correlate and analyze all this information.

You are alarmed in case of a failure and have the information to understand, analyse and act. You also get the experience of ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe's Wi-Fi experts that support your internal teams to increase responsiveness.

Furthermore, this alliance of Fluke Networks and ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe allows you to get an unbiased view of your Wi-Fi infrastructure and their users. Airmagnet Enterprise allows you to finally control the security and proper working condition of your Wi-Fi networks.


Examples of ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe references on Fluke Networks solutions: