Aerohive simplifies networking by reducing the cost and complexity of Wi-Fi hotspots deployments within the company through a single architecture. The administration platform can be installed optionally in the cloud or within the customer infrastructure.

We find, within the Aerohive range :

Access Points (APs)

The LAN access points 802.11n and 802.11ac Aerohive belong to an innovative class of wireless equipment including cooperative control technology that offers the benefits of a wireless solution based on a controller, but does not require any controller or additional overlay network.

HiveManager NMS

HiveManager, Network Management System (NMS) can evolve from a small core network to a large complex network. This scalability is performed seamlessly and very simply. Aerohive HiveManager NMS architecture enables administrators to deploy networks and maintain constant control and visibility, thanks to a powerful cloud infrastructure. Nowadays, to be able to access, monitor and troubleshoot your mobility infrastructure from any place is not only possible but also necessary.

HiveOs Network Operating System

HiveOS is the operating system located on the Aerohive access points and routers. The HiveOS cooperative control architecture allows all Aerohive equipment to organize themselves into groups or "hives", thus providing advanced features without requiring a centralized or dedicated controller. WiFi HiveOS offer market WLAN leader features while features HiveOS routing provide "scope features", remote desktop functionality "zero-touch".