Radio audit  & Wi-Fi site survey


conseil étude mobile device management mobilité ITS Ibelem BlueSafe assists you in the design and / or optimization of your Wi-Fi network to ensure quality and continuity of service on your mobile applications while respecting the legal and health framework.

ITS Ibelem-BlueSafe teams help you to make the right trade-offs and provide you information, advice and guidance to deploy a Wi-Fi infrastructure and solutions to meet your specific context.

Before designing and deploying your Wi-Fi infrastructure, our teams are responsible for implementing the necessary research and audits for good performing:

  • Site survey on map or in situ when you move into a new building,
  • Radio Audit when you notice or suspect a dysfunction or latencies related to the network. 

Main questions to ask

Such studies or audits enable to optimally size your network and make corrections by answering the following questions :

  • How to ensure that the quality of the radio enables the mobile device to have enough bandwidth?
  • How to prevent disconnections when the user moves?
  • How to assess pollution and radio interference that can disrupt the proper functioning of the Wi-Fi?
  • How to ensure that the wireless network is able to receive a large number of devices and users?
  • Where must be placed the WiFi terminal?
  • How should they be configured?
  • What types of terminals and antennas should be used?


Site survey on map or in situ

This step is a prerequisite for the deployment of any Wi-Fi infrastructure because it enables to assess the feasibility of the project based on the architecture of buildings in the area to be covered, potential obstacles and other elements that can cause interference.

Through this site survey, prior to any new implementation, you make sure to base your Wi-Fi network on good radio "foundations" and adapted to all users needs for mobility.

The basis: radio analysis

Our engineers carry out a thorough analysis of your radio environments. This step allows to establish accurate mapping of radio equipment and set all the specifications necessary for the proper deployment of the wireless network.

The coverage study is performed using simulation planning professional softwares notably AirMagnet Planner tool to set up the on map site survey.

This tool will calculate the number of Wi-Fi points to set up, depending on the size of the walls, their composition (bricks, lime, BA13 ...), configuration of the building and the presence of disruptive elements (elevators, electrical systems ...). The measuring tools AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer is used to measure the attenuation of some elements of the plan.

NB: in 2005, Bluesafe (ITS Ibelem) received the OSEO label JEI on its cover research methods (also called Site Survey).

Some ITS Ibelem-Bluesafe references

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